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Mike McCalley, GE

“With Blueprinting, the supplier becomes the code-breaker for customer needs. Blueprinting not only helps suppliers learn; it helps customers think. B2B customers have this vast knowledge, but it’s scrambled, scattered among job functions, and encrypted. Blueprinting helps crack that code…it’s the Socratic method for mining the deep expertise of B2B customers.”

Mike McCalley, GE
Jim Gurnee, Dow Chemical

“The Dow Chemical Company has been using AIM’s Blueprinting and LaunchStar processes since 2006 and has found these disciplines to be extremely effective in truly understanding customers unmet needs and monetizing Innovation inside Dow!”

Jim Gurnee, Dow Chemical

Endorsed by both large and small corporations

DuPont had a pretty good run at innovation in the 20th century… nylon, Teflon®, Kevlar®, Tyvek® and more. We plan to keep that run going this century with Market Driven Innovation … using tools like New Product Blueprinting, implemented through TEAM e-MMERSION.”

Michael Kullman, Global Marketing Director, DuPont Company

New Product Blueprinting brings clarity to the “fuzzy front end” of product development. It is a critical tool for B2B companies that want to develop high-value products that address unmet market needs. Additionally, it engages potential customers as part of the process and is very user-friendly. Mr. Adams outlines a clear and comprehensive roadmap that will enable adopting companies to get ahead of competition and achieve business sustainability.”

Nes Rotstein, Global Marketing Director, The Dow Chemical Company

Your competitors always seem to be chasing the same opportunities you chase. Sometimes you win, but your competitors quickly catch up. How can you get a competitive edge with breakthrough products that incorporate what your customers really want, providing product attributes that simply aren’t on your competitors’ radar screens? With New Product Blueprinting, you gain a B2B marketing, “customers first” advantage that will leave your competitors wondering how your team was able to learn the customers’ deep-seated needs. Dan Adams presents his proven methods in this book, laid out with the same clarity he has provided to us through his workshops and follow-up support. AIM has helped us become skilled craftsmen with these tools, setting us on the path to thrill our customers with a process that helps us discover and deliver what our customers really want…by asking them. Imagine that! We and our customers thank you, Dan, as we move forward with breakthrough products.”

Jim Papenfuss, Senior Director, Product Marketing, The Sherwin-Williams Co.

Everyone is talking about understanding customer needs in the fuzzy front end, but no one has a plan that truly works—until now. With New Product Blueprinting, the talking stops and the doing starts. Dan Adams has created a great system that truly works. If you want to tackle the tall task of truly meeting your customers’ needs, Blueprinting is the way to do it…and this book is your starting point.”

Jeffrey Stupar, Director of Research, Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Dan and his team have a perfect trifecta; Great and proven products, fantastic to work with and sincere willingness to impart their vast knowledge and experience to perfect your game changing innovation practices. I am a total convert. You can, and should, adapt the full program within your organization to secure your future growth and success. Your customers will appreciate your new working relationship to identify and impact unmet needs, your team will appreciate the ability to target and develop the best product deliverables; It is a win-win scenario. The prescriptive approach to product development that Dan and the AIM Institute has developed is perfection.”

Connie Howe, Adhesive and Sealant Council

Want to really please your customers? Make them part of the product development process! New Product Blueprinting explains how to do precisely that, and Dan Adams’ experience in the field makes its insights tough to ignore. Thorough, credible, and practical, this is a must-read for leaders who seek profitable growth by focusing on delivering differentiated customer value.”

Sarah R. Coffin, President, Performance Products Division, Hexion Specialty Chemicals

New Product Blueprinting provided us with an innovative, systematic method of identifying our customers’ needs. Blueprinting will shake up your preconceptions, and all too often your misconceptions, about what your customers want and replace them with hard, market-driven data. Imagine that!”

Mark Charpie, Innovations Manager, DeVilbiss

Industrial marketing used to be less sophisticated than consumer goods marketing—ironic when you consider how educated B2B buyers actually are! New Product Blueprinting is a guidebook to a world populated with sophisticated, technically savvy, and finance-minded customers who don’t do anything based on emotion. Understanding what makes these customers tick will help all of us B2B marketers sell our products more effectively. In his book, Dan outlines a unique approach to understanding customer requirements that can help development teams create products and services that address these critical unmet needs. This book deserves a spot on every B2B marketer’s desktop.”

Brian P. Roy, Marketing Manager, Air Products & Chemicals

If you want your employees out interviewing customers and planning great new products when you’re not looking—and who wouldn’t?— pick up a copy of New Product Blueprinting. It provides the process and training you’ll need in order to make it happen. This book will help you plan your attack with pinpoint accuracy and grow profitably in your target market segments.”

Bob Poletti, Vice President, Marketing, Michelman

My favorite aspect of New Product Blueprinting is the discovery interview. Potential customers hate being sold what you already have. They much prefer being asked what they want, and that is a primary focus of Dan Adams’ Blueprinting. Dan teaches you that by listening to what your customers want, you find out how to focus your product development against a real target. That way there are no unmet needs. The bottom line: Killing a new product development project before wasting valuable resources to develop a product that nobody wants is just as important as hitting a new product home run. And New Product Blueprinting will help you do that every time!”

Charley Storms, President and CEO, Red Spot Paint & Varnish Co., Inc.

Read this book if you are interested in market-driven innovation and maximizing the productivity of your value creation processes. Once enlightened, you’ll be quite dissatisfied with the way you’ve been doing things. In short, New Product Blueprinting is your ticket to a lot of hard work. But there is an upside: If you take its lessons to heart, not only will you have happier customers, you’ll have a lot more of them. Thank you, Dan, for a great process that is helping our commercial team be much more externally focused. It's helped the culture of our team shift from being day-to-day ‘account managers’ to ‘curious total customer value opportunity seekers’.”

Victor Maurtua, Global Pharmaceutical Excipients Director, FMC Corporation

A must-read for B2B marketing professionals, New Product Blueprinting is loaded with new concepts and practices you’ll not find elsewhere. Never before has a book better instructed marketers on how to connect the dots between market needs and new products. Dan Adams ably clears the fog from a world where B2B marketers often don’t know if their new products will truly excite customers until they launch them. That’s just too late.”

Solomon Lemma, Business Development Manager, Air Products & Chemicals

There is no denying the passion Dan Adams has for New Product Blueprinting. But even more impressive than that is his dedication to helping companies succeed. His new book should be required reading for every B2B supplier. This is the way to ensure that you are creating products that your customers won’t be able to resist.”

Jill Greathouse, Business Development Manager, SprayCore

Dan Adams is, without a doubt, one of the most thorough strategic thinkers in the business world. This book will take you on a business trip that will end up being one of your most successful trips to date. Dan has put together a strategic agenda that challenges you to be prepared while also encouraging you to follow the plan that will eventually lead to successful and repeatable sales. I am lucky to consider Dan a business and personal friend who has helped me throughout my career. If you read this book…trust the strategic plan, and you too will be successful.”

Willis Reese, Global Director, Hexion Specialty Chemicals

Blueprinting puts focused market research into a format, and terms that engineers know and love. It includes methods to identify problems and needs in the target market, quantify the pertinent product attributes and build a clear definition of what a successful product must consist of. Start your next development project with a head start, and know in detail what the product needs to achieve to be successful!

Chris Schaafsma, R&D Manager, Trans Tech

As the era of vertically integrated producers declined, there instead arose a chain of independent specialist producers. In this new situation, you need to be at the correct end of the chain to remain in touch with the changing needs of the end-customer. If, like most of us, you live somewhere else in the chain, this book is a must-read for you. Dan has done a masterful job of providing specific, proven techniques to help us understand customer needs—the first key step in making innovation profitable.”

Dr. Sudhir Hublikar, Vice President, Science & Technology, AGY

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