About AIM

Advanced Innovation & Marketing for B2B

Our Passion

Our goal? Helping you drive profitable, sustainable organic growth. Our passion? Equipping your employees to enter customers’ worlds, gain new insights, and disrupt industries with amazing new products. For many B2B suppliers, such innovation is like a medieval comet… rare, unexplained and unpredictable. Consistent success comes only when a critical mass of employees are equipped with next-generation skills to engage knowledgeable B2B customers.

How We Help

Since 2005, The AIM Institute has focused on exactly one thing: B2B product development. We’ve pioneered an entire suite of game-changing innovations that let our clients (primarily Global 1000) understand and meet B2B market needs. Here’s how we help you grow…

New Product Blueprinting in particular is rapidly becoming the standard for gaining B2B customer insights. If you’re looking for the “Six Sigma of innovation,” don’t miss this.

AIM brings you the most advanced B2B tools & skills…
to understand and satisfy market needs.


Discover Needs: Blueprinter® New Product Blueprinting   Develop Product:Your company’s expertise here   Deliver Product:LaunchStar® B2B Product Launch


  • On-site workshops
  • 31 Online modules
  • Coached web-conferences
  • Real teams & projects
AIM’s offerings will complement and strengthen your company’s existing processes, such as Stage-Gate®
  • On-site workshops
  • 7 Online modules
  • Coached web-conferences
  • Real teams & projects




Stage-Gate is a registered trademark of Product Development Institute, Inc.

AIM Principles

Trainers … Not Hired Guns

Understanding your customers’ deepest needs is your job. Our job is to provide you with skills and tools to do this better than your competitors. We’ll also train your internal Blue Belt and Black Belt coaches to help you drive success when we’re not with you.

No “Parachute Workshops”

We don’t parachute in for a workshop and wish you good luck at the end. AIM coaches stick with you over several months using cost-effective web-conference calls to reinforce and refine your teams’ skills to the highest level.

Real Projects … Real Results

Satisfaction rating with AIM versus other workshops

During our workshops, participants break into teams to work on real projects. Later, they interview customers and design new products for these projects so your training investment leads to new skills and bottom-line benefits.

A Little Discretion

You won’t hear us dropping names of other clients during our workshops. Neither will you find a “trophy wall” of client logos on our website or literature. If you want to endorse us (read endorsements), it’s your choice, not ours.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We “aim” to deliver more than our clients expect. If it’s ever the other way around, we won’t expect payment for our services. Over 2/3rds of participants rate AIM in the top 10% of all workshops ever attended.

AIM Team

Founder and President, Dan Adams, has assembled a team of experts to provide training and coaching through AIM’s offerings.

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