We bring New Product Blueprinting training to you.

With AIM’s in-house workshop training, your technical and commercial people will implement New Product Blueprinting, a seamless process that integrates the world’s leading practices for front-end B2B new product development. Your employees will gain new skills and tools to take your market-facing innovation—and organic growth—to a new level.

It’s not just that Blueprinting methods are radically different. Our blended learning approach is unlike anything you’ve experienced. We work closely with your real-project teams for a year, as they build their skills from…

  • Face-to-face workshops
  • Follow-up web-conferences
  • Self-paced e-learning
  • Blueprinter® software
  • BlueTools® new product development aids
  • BlueHelp™ knowledge center

Face-to-face workshops

We work with you to plan the first workshop for maximum success. You’ll invite 2-to-5 real-project multi-functional new-product teams to the first 2-day workshop. They receive their “starter kit” of learner materials, and learn listening, probing and interviewing skills in intensive role-play breakout sessions. After this workshop, they conduct real interviews with real customers for 3-to-4 months, and then return for a final 1-day workshop.

Training NewProduct Blueprinting In-House Blueprinting Workshops Project Tracker

Follow-up web-conferences

We don’t believe in “parachute” workshops, where the trainer drops in and says “good luck” at the end. Instead, your AIM Coach holds monthly web-conferences to refresh their learning, address questions, and ensure forward progress. We provide an online “dashboard” displaying e-learning and interview progress… for the individual, team, and business. The AIM Coach updates a Project Tracker monthly so your leadership team can see how teams are progressing.

Training New Product Blueprinting In-House-Blueprinting Workshops E-Learning

Self-paced e-learning

We’re sure you’ve never seen such in-depth training for B2B front-end innovation: 31 e-learning modules filled with concepts, methods, and skills you won’t find anywhere else. Each week, learners receive a reminder to take the next 20-to-30 minute module… on market segmentation, customer tours, setting up interviews, value calculators, probing skills, competitive testing, business cases or a host of other topics.

Training New Product Blueprinting In-House Blueprinting Workshops Discovery Noteboard

Blueprinter® software

When your new-product teams use our software to manage their front-end of innovation, good things happen:

  • Better Customer Experience: Your customers will be impressed by your professionalism. They’ll feel listened to by competent interviewers using the latest tools, which strengthens your relationship with them.
  • Team Collaboration: Team members automatically synchronize their work and store shared documents, boosting team productivity across time zones.
  • Project Roadmap: Teams never have to ask “what next?” They’ll follow a proven path in the front-end of innovation, avoiding pitfalls and reinforcing best practices.
  • Corporate Memory: Your company will build a huge repository of detailed project data. Projects can be accessed by team members and company leadership from anywhere.

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BlueTools™ new product development aids

Your teams will have access to over 20 BlueTools new product development aids so they can do their work with utmost professionalism and efficiency. BlueTools new product development aids are a series of documents and software that help improve business and include aids to… conduct secondary market research, recruit customers for interviewing, collect data during customer tours, debrief after interviews, set product objectives, build a value calculator, pressure-test your business case… and much more.

The AIM Institute's BlueHelp knowledge center is focused on B2B customer insight, as practiced with its New Product Blueprinting and Blueprinter software.
BlueHelp is a massive knowledge center focused on B2B customer insight.

BlueHelp™ knowledge center

This is the world’s most advanced and complete library of practical advice for B2B customer insight and the front-end of innovation. With hundreds of articles and a powerful search engine, your teams will continue to build their skills for years to come. Not sure how to… convince customers to be interviewed?… handle requests for NDAs?… find the best digital projector to use in interviews?… analyze your interview data to detect sub-markets? It’s all here.

What happens after your teams are immersed in this 6-part blended learning approach for up to a year? Three things:

  1. Exciting new-product projects are advanced
  2. New skills are learned for future projects
  3. A new “outside-in” culture takes root

Ready to start Blueprinting?

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