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Statement of Work for New Product Blueprinting Training
Training Plan Type: Team

New Product Blueprinting is the world’s most advanced method for understanding B2B customer needs in the front end of innovation. The AIM Institute provides workshop training, e-learning, virtual coaching, cloud-based software, and other tools to a) drive success in your new-product projects, b) instill industry-leading skills in your employees and c) promote an “outside-in” culture in your business.


The “Team” plan training program for New Product Blueprinting provides the following:

For each employee:

For each project team:

For your executives:


For employees: 0,000 x 0 employees = 0,000
For project teams: 0,000 x 0 teams = 0,000
For executives: $0
TOTAL = 0,000
Total program cost
Cost per employee