Extend Blueprinter® Software

Thank you for attending the recent virtual workshops and evaluating these products.

To extend your Blueprinter software and e-learning subscriptions* for six months at the 3M special price ($495), please complete the payment information below.

Once payment has been completed, this is what will happen next:

  • 3M IT will be contacted (by AIM) so you will be added to the group and be able to access the AIM Client/Blueprinting Center via 3M’s Single Sign On (SSO). This means you will transition from using your external email address (format: [email protected]) that you used for the training, to your employee # formatted email (youremployee#@mmm.com) provided by 3M IT.
  • 3M IT will route an approval request to your manager. (Please consider letting your manager know this will be coming so they know what the approval request pertains to.)
  • Once these two are completed, AIM will be notified, and we will work with you so you will be able to access the AIM Client/Blueprinting Center through the 3M SSO portal. At that time, AIM will ensure any work projects you had generated in the software will “follow you” and you’ll be able to access those files seamlessly as you move to logging-in with SSO.

Subscriber Info (Please use the email associated with your Blueprinting Center login)


*You are extending subscriptions — not transferable licenses. It is AIM’s policy that a subscriber may be replaced by another subscriber without added costs only if the substitution is made within 90 days of the initial purchase.