Move to the next level with Blueprinting advanced skills.

Our blended in-house Blueprinting training will give you an edge over competitors. But how do you keep and even expand your advantage? Easy: Take your employees to the next level of B2B innovation competence with our Advanced Skills course, which we offer in a 2-day public workshop. You can also bring this workshop in-house to upgrade customer insight skills across your organization.

Cleveland, OH Workshop*

June 17-18, 2019
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*Super early bird rate ends April 17, 2019.Regular early-bird rate ends May 17.

What is covered?

If you’re one of thousands trained in core New Product Blueprinting, you may recall a lot was “coming at you” in your initial training… and there’s a limit to what anyone can absorb. Here’s your chance to continue building your skills—especially in setting up and conducting Discovery and Preference interviews.

Over 80% of this material is not covered in core Blueprinting training. With 11 individual and group exercises, it’s all about boosting your skills and becoming a Blueprinting pro! This training is a prerequisite to Blue Belt certification.

What will you take home?

You’ll receive 12-month access to Blueprinter® 5.0 cloud-enabled software… which does not require an internet connection for interviews. You’ll also receive 12-month access to the 31 e-learning modules in the AIM e-Learning Center… so you can refresh your skills. (If you are currently subscribed to either, you’ll receive a 12-month extension.)

Beyond this, you’ll receive new tools to help you significantly improve your interviewing skills. With all the role-playing practice, tools and coaching, you’ll greatly increase your B2B customer insight skills!

What will you learn?

We have an ambitious 2-day schedule ready for you: For details download Blueprinting Advanced Skills Workshop Overview. Our agenda will cover these points…

  • Mastering cloud-enabled Blueprinter 5.0
  • Crafting concise Outcome Statements
  • Convincing reluctant interviewees
  • Interviewing in unfamiliar markets
  • Probing for deeper Discovery insights
  • Getting the most out of Trigger Maps
  • Debriefing for high-quality Discovery
  • Finding & recording insights from tours
  • Creating winning product designs
  • Building strong business cases

You’ll have nearly 8 hours of hands-on practice in individual and group breakout sessions. The focus of this 2-day course is skills. If you wish, you can get your Blue Belt certification later, with a focus on coaching (in 3 more workshop days).

What practical skills will you gain?

This two-day workshop is packed full of practice—a total of 11 individual and group exercises (see agenda). Here are just two examples:

Example 1: Since 2014, we’ve been teaching our “what and why” method of probing in our core Blueprinting workshops. Now we’re taking this to a new level with the SALT method of probing. You’ll cover deeper insights as you consider Senses-Actors-Location-Timing in your probing questions… and of course practice this.

Example 2: In your core training, you learned the AMUSE method of observation during customer tours: Accelerate activity, Minimize input, Upgrade output, Simplify transitions, and Eliminate activities. Now you’ll practice this with video simulations, and enter your findings in a powerful new Blueprinter 5.0 tool.

How can I register for this?

The next Blueprinting Advanced Skills Workshop is June 17-18, 2019 at the Dively Conference Center on the Campus of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH, USA.

Register Now

Register by April 17, 2019 for the Super Early Bird rate or by May 17, for the regular Early Bird discount.