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Builders, Decorators, Realtors, and Landlords

You are probably a… BUILDER if your main passion is Organic Growth and your main timeframe is Years INTERIOR DECORATOR if your main passion is Financial Reporting and your main timeframe is Months & Quarters REALTOR if your main passion is The Deal and your main timeframe is Months & Quarters ABSENTEE LANDLORD if your ... Read More

Customer Interviews – Advantages Over Other Forms of Market Rese

– Most people find it harder to refuse questions if asked face-to-face. – Face-to-face is “information-rich”… good for new or complex info. – You have the flexibility to follow a lead and probe more deeply. – You can supplement the interview with on-site observations. – This interaction can build relationships & prime for selling later. ... Read More

7 Seamless Steps in New Product Blueprinting Process

1. Market Research: Identify most attractive opportunities 2. Discovery Interviews: Uncover unmet customer needs 3. Preference Interviews: Prioritize customer needs 4. Side-by-Side Testing: Understand competitive offerings 5. Product Objectives: Create detailed product design 6. Technical Brainstorming: Internally brainstorm solutions 7. Business Case: Justify costly development Excerpted from “New Product Blueprinting,” by Dan Adams ... Read More