Driving the evolution of new product development

Founded in 2005, the AIM Institute is more than a product development training company. We pioneered the idea that B2B companies can far outpace consumer goods companies when it comes to understanding customer needs. Then, by relentlessly working year-after-year with thousands of professionals from the world’s top B2B companies, we fine-tuned a suite of tools, methods, and skills. Now entire organizations can become masters of B2B customer insight.

Bottom line: We’re on a mission to change B2B innovation. We’re confident that today’s “typical” B2B innovation will look absurd to future innovators. Study after study shows B2B companies suffer great commercial risk, squandered R&D, and missed opportunities — and there’s simply no good reason for this. We show our clients how to listen to the voice-of-the-customer in a completely new way. We teach them how to use customer insights to introduce bold new B2B products that disrupt the marketplace. And we have one over-arching goal: to help clients achieve profitable, sustainable, organic growth through true innovation.

Our product development training team members are seasoned business professionals, with decades working for Fortune 500 corporations. They know first-hand what it takes to develop and launch new products. They know the pitfalls of product development and how to stop small problems from becoming big problems. Best of all, they take great pleasure in seeing your employees master life-long skills that will grow your business.

What sets us apart from traditional product development training firms? We are enthusiastically devoted to helping our clients achieve real results and lifelong skills. AIM coaches are with you for the long haul. Instead of packing up and disappearing after a workshop, our coaches use scheduled web-conferences to answer questions, provide feedback, and help your team continue to refine their newly-acquired skills. We’ll even train your workshop graduates to become New Product Blueprinting coaches themselves—through our Blue Belt and Black Belt program—so they can mentor others in your company.

We deliver or you don’t pay.

Our guarantee is simple. If we don’t meet or exceed your expectations, you don’t owe us a dime. How can we be so confident? Because over two-thirds of AIM workshop attendees rate our workshops in the top 10% of all workshops they’ve ever attended.