Our free business growth tools help you succeed, grow, and thrive.

The AIM Institute is committed to helping B2B companies achieve rapid, profitable and sustainable organic growth through their market-leading products. That’s why we’ve developed growth tools you can apply whenever you want, at no cost or obligation.

We’ve pioneered these growth tools and techniques to help you achieve sustainable growth by:

  • Benchmarking your growth capabilities against peers… so you can surpass them
  • Analyzing any B2B market segment so you know exactly how to pursue that specific market
  • Acquainting your employees with future scenarios, to help them disrupt… and not be disrupted


Our business growth tools include:

Growth Content for Your Org
Want to bring fresh, original thinking on B2B organic growth to your association members, MBA students, or company employees? They’ll love this content… including 50 complimentary 2-minute videos that break entirely new ground on this topic.

B2B Growth Diagnostic
This powerful business diagnostic tool examines 24 growth drivers to deliver an unbiased, frank appraisal of your company’s growth capabilities and potential. Your customized 20-page diagnostic report provides a clear-eyed assessment of how you compare to peers and what you must do to surpass them. Repeat this annually to create an organic growth roadmap you can count on.

B2B MarketView® Diagnostic
Optimize your marketing efforts by using this growth tool to analyze each of your target market segments. Download a 16-page market-specific report loaded with customized recommendations for 8 early-stage marketing tasks (understanding needs) and 7 late-stage marketing tasks (promoting solutions). This is the home of the B2B Index–the metric developed by The AIM Institute to reveal “how B2B” each of your markets is.