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Join Dan Adams on a tour of 50 two-minute videos that will completely change the way you think of B2B business growth.

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Who is this for?

Viewers learn “why” change is needed, and in later chapters “how” to change. Those who will benefit most are:

  • board directors eager to demonstrate superior growth to investors
  • business leaders tired of erratic or sluggish organic growth
  • technical or business professionals desiring career-boosting capabilities
  • professors seeking supplemental lessons for oft-overlooked B2B (vs. B2C)

This growth advice is original and proven: Since 2005, The AIM Institute has trained tens of thousands of B2B professionals on every continent, coached hundreds of new-product teams, and conducted original research based on 10,000 years of B2B respondent experience.

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You can also download the Organic Growth Roadmap … which will help your company apply these 50 lessons after viewing them.

Preview of B2B Organic Business Growth video series

Why do B2B companies struggle to stay in the top quartile of their peer group? Even if they succeed for a year or two, very few can maintain superior organic growth year after year. Why? Turns out business leaders are held back by their mindset. And that’s what this business growth video series is designed to fix.

What types of faulty thinking will you see in these business growth videos? Here’s a sampling:

  • Our primary goal should be to maximize shareholder wealth
  • We need to maintain our current focus on delivering results
  • There are many initiatives that can deliver rapid, profitable, sustainable growth
  • Our customers can’t tell us their underlying, unarticulated needs
  • There’s not much difference between B2B and B2C markets

If you’re not sure why these perspectives are wrong and damaging, this business growth video series is for you. But you’ll learn much more than “why” B2B leaders need to change their thinking. These business growth videos will show you “how” to…

  • Properly segment B2B markets
  • Perform B2B-optimized customer interviews
  • Boost interview listening and probing skills
  • Eliminate most commercial risk in new product development
  • Determine optimum new-product pricing
  • Accelerate your new product development
  • Manage transformational projects differently

This business growth video series closes with an Organic Growth Roadmap you can download. Follow this roadmap to confidently move your business growth to the top quartile. For more, check out this article, Ensuring Top-Quartile Organic Growth.