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Virtual VOC Whitepaper

Virtual VOC (VVOC)

If you’re not interviewing your B2B customers via web-conferencing, it’s time to reconsider. While in-person interviews are still the...
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GCN Whitepaper 3d

Guessing at Customer Needs

Five out of six B2B product development teams are betting on the wrong product designs–essentially guessing at B2B customer needs&#...
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Market Satisfaction Gaps Whitepaper

Market Satisfaction Gaps

With one simple change you can breathe new life into your new product success rate and organic growth. This “fix” only works if your ...
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Catch the innovation wave

Catch the Innovation Wave… with the New Science of B2B Customer Insight

In the past, companies used the Quality and Productivity Waves for competitive advantage. But today quality and efficiency improvements j...
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TIE Whitepaper 3d

Timing is Everything: Exposing Deep Flaws in B2B Innovation Today

When most companies ask themselves three “timing questions,” they realize their B2B innovation is terribly supplier-centric. This wil...
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IUM Whitepaper 3d

Innovating in Unfamiliar Markets: How to De-risk Transformational Projects

When you try to bring innovation to a market that’s new to you… do you face high risks? You don’t have to. You face uncertainty, bu...
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whitepaper lean startup image

B2B Lean Startup: Expanding the Build-Measure-Learn Cycle

The Lean Startup movement can help large corporations become more nimble and fast-moving in their innovation. But if you are a B2B compan...
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