These groundbreaking books will change the way you lead and grow your business

The latest book by Dan Adams, Business Builders, includes eye-opening research on six unforced errors by business leaders today… and presents inspiring advice for becoming an admired and trusted corporate leader. Since 2005, Dan’s book, New Product Blueprinting has changed careers and helped B2B companies drive B2B organic growth. And Scott Burleson’s, The Statue in the Stone, is an incredible resource for putting jobs-to-be-done theory into everyday practice.

Business Builders: How to Become an Admired & Trusted Corporate Leader

Business Builders: How to Become an Admired and Trusted Corporate Leader

Are you a Builder, Decorator, Remodeler, or Realtor? This research is based on a survey of 654 senior leaders, middle managers, and surbordinates. It pesents an alarming picture of six common, unforced errors today. Bottom line: We need more Builders!

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The book, New Product Blueprinting

This landmark book sets forth a thorough and compelling description of the New Product Blueprinting process. It brings crystal-clarity to the fuzzy front end of B2B product development, with breakthrough methods not found elsewhere. Dan Adams has taught these methods to thousands in the world’s largest firms, and now brings them to you. For details, check out our book brochure. For Dan’s latest thinking, also see his 50 two-minute videos in the B2B Organic Growth series.

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Book Introduction, with an overview of the book
Chapter 1: This Book is for B2B… Not Consumer Goods
Chapter 4: What is New Product Blueprinting?
Chapter 8: Use Customer Interviews for a Competitive Edge
Chapter 11: Discovery Interviews
Chapter 14: Product Objectives

Jobs-to-be-Done The Statue in the Stone

Fully explore Jobs-to-be-Done within the book, The Statue in the Stone

A job-to-be-done is a customer’s goal, objective, or problem to be solved. Built upon the work of Lance Bettencourt, Clayton Christensen and Tony Ulwick, Jobs-to-be-done philosophy provides the language and tools to understand customer needs.

The Statue in the Stone: Decoding Customer Motivation with the 48 Laws of Jobs-to-be-Done Philosophy is a complete treatise on the ideology. It will help marketers, innovators, business leaders and practitioners to boldly create value by understanding the customer’s true motivations.

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