Here’s why the world’s largest B2B firms rely on us…

Since 2005, most of our work has been with multi-billion dollar B2B companies. Why? These companies understand that significant organic growth doesn’t come from better stage-and-gate processes, quality, or productivity. They know the key is delivering real innovation for the needs that matter most to their customers. Here’s how they put it…

“Blueprinting not only helps suppliers learn; it helps customers think. B2B customers have this vast knowledge, but it’s scrambled, scattered among job functions, and encrypted. Blueprinting helps crack that code…it’s the Socratic method for mining the deep expertise of B2B customers.”

—Mike McCalley, GE

“The Dow Chemical Company has been using AIM’s Blueprinting and LaunchStar processes since 2006 and has found these disciplines to be extremely effective in truly understanding customers unmet needs and monetizing Innovation inside Dow!”

—Jim Gurnee, Dow Chemical

“With New Product Blueprinting, you gain a B2B marketing, “customers first” advantage that will leave your competitors wondering how your team was able to learn the customers’ deep-seated needs. We and our customers thank you, Dan, as we move forward with breakthrough products.”

— Jim Papenfuss, The Sherwin-Williams Co.

“Everyone is talking about understanding customer needs in the fuzzy front end, but no one has a plan that truly works—until now. With New Product Blueprinting, the talking stops and the doing starts. Dan Adams has created a great system that truly works. If you want to tackle the tall task of truly meeting your customers’ needs, Blueprinting is the way to do it.”

— Jeffrey Stupar, Illinois Tool Works Inc.

“Customers were so receptive to this process, that we often found ourselves speaking to many more individuals from a target customer than we had expected. (Blueprinting) provides the tools and discipline that you need to get those market insights and quantify those insights to help your team translate customer needs into differentiated new solutions.”

—Nathan Arbitman, DuPont

“Customers are genuinely intrigued with the Blueprinting process. It’s something new; it’s something exciting. New Product Blueprinting represents the next generation of VOC… it’s more holistic.”

—Stuart Kelly, Saint-Gobain

“Dan Adams ably clears the fog from a world where B2B marketers often don’t know if their new products will truly excite customers until they launch them. That’s just too late.”

— Solomon Lemma, Air Products & Chemicals

“We needed a means to focus that fuzzy front end of innovation, where we seek the clearest possible answer to ‘WHAT are we working on, and WHY?’. The New Product Blueprinting tools and associated skills training provided by Dan and his team have given us that clarity, thereby accelerating strong commercial gains for us as well as our customers.”

—Bill Beane, Parker Hannifin

“Blueprinting provides a disciplined approach to gathering objective insights based on the customers’ view of her/his business processes. It amazed me how much information could be extracted in just one 2-3 hour session. Moreover, the “active listening” principles applied in the Blueprinting process can be applied to any customer interview.”

—Nigel Ravenscroft, Owens Corning

“New Product Blueprinting is your ticket to a lot of hard work. But there is an upside: If you take its lessons to heart, not only will you have happier customers, you’ll have a lot more of them. Thank you, Dan, for a great process that is helping our commercial team be much more externally focused.”

— Victor Maurtua, FMC Corporation

“Dan and his team have a perfect trifecta; Great and proven products, fantastic to work with and sincere willingness to impart their vast knowledge and experience to perfect your game changing innovation practices. I am a total convert. The prescriptive approach to product development that Dan and the AIM Institute has developed is perfection.”

—Connie Howe, Adhesive and Sealant Council

“Dan Adams is, without a doubt, one of the most thorough strategic thinkers in the business world. Dan has put together a strategic agenda that challenges you to be prepared while also encouraging you to follow the plan that will eventually lead to successful and repeatable sales.”

—Willis Reese, Hexion Specialty Chemicals

“These (LaunchStar) tools will be used not only to launch new products, they will help guide me in my day-to-day activities.”

—Lisa Newland, Ashland Chemical

“Our field sales teams have tremendous insight into the problems our customers want solved; Blueprinting takes it to the next level. Our customers and sales teams have thoroughly getting involved up front to help guide our research and development. Taking customers through the process has provided benefits far beyond what we set out to accomplish.”

—Jeremy Johnson, Fastenal Company

“Blueprinting doesn’t just include tools. It also takes into account people and their habits. Also, very responsive to customer recommendations for improvements!”

—Amy Wylie, Covestro

“Very clear, impactful. This will change radically our innovation approach!”

—Benjamin Ladent, Solvay

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