Everyday VOCTM Workshop: Never waste a single customer interaction


Since 2005, our New Product Blueprinting training has helped tens of thousands of B2B professionals understand customer needs when developing new products. Now you can use our highly-refined B2B listening and probing skills to understand customer needs every day. The Everyday VOC  workshop delivers three benefits.

  1. Your sales professionals will sell more now, since good probing is a proven success factor.
  2. You’ll be able to data-mine your CRM to develop better products and sell more later.
  3. If you’re a Blueprinting user, your sales force can schedule & assist in interviews better.

Everyday-VOC-Guide-blurredThe Everyday VOC private workshop is a 4-hour session including a 75-min small-group exercise where learners role-play our What-Why-Clarify probing.

Perfect for your next sales meeting! Clients report immediate sales success, because these listening & probing skills set your sales force apart. Customers will view them as trusted advisors interested in them, not “another salesperson.”


Everyday VOC Private Workshop (4 hours)

The cost is just $9000 (plus travel) + $495 per learner and includes…

  • Workshop: 4-hours (in person or virtual) with breakouts for role-playing.
  • Resources: E-learning, knowledge center, probing aids & other resources.
  • Post-workshop lessons: 12 weekly emails with advanced skills and practice tips.
  • Post-workshop coaching: 3 monthly coaching sessions per team to master skills.
  • CRM advice: Suggestions for using your existing CRM to capture insights.

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