Focusing the fuzzy front-end of product development


Is your product innovation and development plagued by a “fuzzy” front end, high commercial risk, wasted R&D effort, and incremental new products? Maybe it’s time to check out a radically different approach. Our New Product Blueprinting process reinvents traditional voice-of-the-customer methods—just for B2B—turning it into a science of customer insight.

New Product Blueprinting is a completely different step-by-step methodology that we’ve been refining for over a decade. It transforms your product development process and eliminates most commercial risk in the front end of innovation. By utilizing novel B2B-optimized voice-of-the-customer methods, it takes advantage of the knowledge, interest, objectivity, and foresight of B2B professionals to drive market-changing product innovation.

We don’t do your VOC for you — customer insight is a competitive advantage you should own. Our cost-effective blended learning combines workshops, coached web-conferences, self-paced e-learning, and Blueprinter® software so your new-product teams will learn and apply skills to energize your new product development pipeline. They’ll identify lucrative markets, convert voice-of-the-customer feedback into actionable data, analyze competitors’ positions, and create ground-breaking new products.

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