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We make it very easy for you to host high-value webinars for your association members. You pick the topic, and your AIM speaker will deliver an engaging talk they’ll rate among their favorites… at no cost to you. Each of these presentations also makes a great in-person keynote address at your next conference (for a fee). Contact us to schedule or learn more.

Webinars your association members will love from Dan Adams and Scott Burleson

Here are 14 topics your members might enjoy hearing…

1. Everyday VOC: How to Capture Insights from Every Customer Interaction

Abstract: Do your sales and tech support reps make hundreds of calls annually? When they apply this advanced probing and CRM record-keeping, you’ll reap two benefits: 1) Their engaging interest will lead to more sales today, and 2) your CRM data mining will lead to more new product sales tomorrow. Join Dan Adams, founder of The AIM Institute, as he explains how to implement this upgrade in your company. Participants will receive a free copy of the Everyday VOC white paper.

Key take-aways:

  • Turn your sales force into a learning force, using “outcomes” as the unit of customer insight.
  • Learn AIM Institute’s advanced “What-Why-Clarify” probing methodology.
  • Use your existing CRM—e.g., Saleforce—to uniformly capture customer insights.
  • See how “market scouting” aims your R&D at the right targets at the right time.

2. New Research: How B2B Voice-of-Customer Skills Boost NPD Success

Abstract: Join Dan Adams, founder of The AIM Institute, as he presents their landmark research on 12 B2B VOC skills. This is the first-of-its-kind research linking VOC skills to new product success, and it is very compelling. Learn which VOC skills you should improve. Participants will receive a free copy of the research report, B2B VOC skills: Research linking 12 VOC skills to new product success.

Key take-aways:

  • See the research linking VOC skills to understanding customer needs & new-product success.
  • Learn which VOC skills separate the winners from losers… and why they matter.
  • Explore 10 ways to virtually eliminate commercial risk in the front end of innovation.
  • Understand 10 Ways to better engage & impress B2B customers during interviews.

3. 9 Actions to Supercharge your Stage-Gate® Process

Abstract: Join Colin Palombo, Managing Partner of Stage-Gate® International, and Dan Adams, founder of The AIM Institute, as they show you how to breathe new life into your Stage-Gate process. Learn simple steps to drive out commercial risk in the front-end of NPD… so your development can focus on technical risk. Participants will receive a free copy of the 9 Actions to Supercharge your Stage-Gate Growth Machine e-book.

Key take-aways:

  • Learn how to separate your teams’ Opportunity Quality from Execution Quality… and why.
  • Understand the role of Agile, and practical ways to accelerate your product development.
  • Supplement your Vitality index with new metrics to boost your innovation success.
  • Learn which new skills your people must learn to optimize new product success.

4. Compelling Research on How to Drive B2B Organic Growth

Abstract: There’s no need to hire a growth consultant: This original research examines 24 growth drivers to see which matter the most. The results are clear: Those drivers associated with understanding customer needs are the most potent. Practical how-to tips for doing this will be offered, and participants will receive a free copy of the What Drives B2B Organic Growth? research report.

Key take-aways:

  • Explore research backed by over 10,000 years of respondent experience.
  • See which growth drivers separate the winners from the losers… and why.
  • Delve into research linking voice-of-customer skills to new-product success.
  • Learn specific ways you can optimize customer insight for B2B markets.

5. What's Your Business Leadership Style... Builder? Decorator? Remodeler?

Abstract: Have you been frustrated working for a Decorator, someone fixated on quarterly financial reporting? It’s better to work for a Builder, who drives organic growth by delivering differentiated value to customers… just like your company’s founders. Join Dan Adams, author of the new book, Business Builders, as he presents original, first-ever research proving that companies led by Builders are much more successful. Includes a link to Are-You-A-Business-Builder self-assessment..

Key take-aways:

  • See survey results showing how employees view their leaders’ practices today.
  • Learn 3 reasons why “maximize shareholder wealth” is a terrible company goal.
  • Explore the Commodity Death Spiral… and learn if you’re on it right now.
  • See the dangers of short termism, 2nd order effects, & 1st domino amnesia.
  • Learn the #1 mandate for all business leaders… and how to promote it.

6. Create Products that Customers Love with Jobs-to-be-Done

Abstract: Innovation and product development are often perceived as difficult and chaotic. Thus, we have names such as the “fuzzy front end” to describe these phases. The core problem is that we’re deceived by our affection for our products, technologies, and brands. Instead, take the red pill of Jobs-to-be-Done, and unlock the complexity of any market. Scott Burleson of the AIM Institute will show you how to learn the language of your customers, uncover what they really care about, and create winning product strategies.

Key take-aways:

  • See through the confusion that a love of current technologies and products can create.
  • Learn how the language of Jobs-to-be-Done helps your team to understand any market.
  • Connect the power of Jobs-to-be-Done to your innovation, marketing, and even your selling.

7. It’s Time to Build the B2B Product Manager Organization

Abstract: Most B2B firms are behind their B2C counterparts regarding the role of product manager. The product manager is responsible for uncovering customer needs, following through with key research, representing the customer throughout product development, and creating product strategies. The best processes can’t overcome the lack of talented professionals to execute them. Let Scott Burleson of the AIM Institute show you how product managers can transform your organization.

Key take-aways:

  • Learn why the product manager role is critical to product success.
  • See how a commitment to product management excellence produces a competitive advantage.
  • Understand how to infuse your organization with critical product management assets.

8. Strategic B2B Marketing: Your Key to Impressive Organic Growth

Abstract: During economic downturns, marketing departments are often trimmed first. This is the surest way to stifle rapid, profitable, sustainable growth. Join Dan Adams as he shares original research linking understanding customer needs to organic growth. Participants will receive free copies of What Drives B2B Organic Growth research and B2B VOC Skills research. You’ll look at your marketers in a whole new light!

Key take-aways:

  • Understand early-stage vs. late-stage marketing… and why early-stage rules.
  • See which of 24 growth drivers are most impactful.
  • Explore 10 ways to remove commercial risk in the front end of innovation.
  • Understand why B2B marketing differs from B2C marketing.

9. 12 B2B vs. B2C Differences: Why B2B professionals have growth advantages

Abstract: Consider the B2B vs. B2C paradox: B2B marketers often receive less glory than B2C counterparts but have much more potential to drive organic growth. To realize this potential, understand these 12 B2B advantages. Join Dan Adams, founder of The AIM Institute, as he shows you how to take advantage of your advantages. Participants can download the B2B vs. B2C white paper, and gain free B2B Index website access to calculate “how B2B” they are.

Key take-aways:

  • Understand the key to outpacing your competitors’ growth.
  • Learn the Customer Insight Gap, and your potential to understand B2B market needs.
  • Grasp practical B2B growth implications behind each of the 12 B2B vs. B2C differences.
  • Learn how to calculate AIM’s B2B Index to assess a market’s “engagement potential.”

10. How to Commercialize Technology in 6 Foolproof Steps

Abstract: Perhaps your company’s R&D has developed cool new technology. But can you commercialize it? What’s the best market for it… how will you find it… and when should you call it quits? Join Dan Adams as he shares new-to-the-world methods to commercialize new technology… and to confidently communicate your progress to management. Participants will receive the Commercialize Technology white paper.

Key take-aways:

  • See how to clearly delineate technology development and product development.
  • Learn how to gather and investigate all key assumptions to avoid project landmines.
  • Understand the front-end steps that will eliminate most commercial risk in NPD.
  • Learn now to change the dynamics of reporting to management… for the better!

11. How to Reduce Risk in R&D Projects

Abstract: Tens of thousands of B2B professionals have learned how to develop better new products from Dan Adams. Now his team has developed a new approach for high-impact R&D projects, letting you defuse “landmines” that could blow up that risky project. And this approach helps you completely change the conversation with management: No more, “Trust us, you’ll love our project.”

Key take-aways:

  • Grasp the difference between risk and uncertainty… and why it matters
  • See how to gather all “assumptions that must be true” at the project onset
  • Master the 4 critical steps for detecting and defusing project landmines
  • Learn how to enjoy—not dread—high-stakes management project reviews

12. How to use B2B-optimized voice-of-customer to drive your growth

Abstract: If you’ve learned QFD, DFSS or other traditional VOC method, it’s time to see the B2B-optimized VOC Dan Adams has been refining since 2005. When you go beyond “hand-me-down” consumer VOC you’ll improve customer insights and product designs… all while impressing the customers you interview. Participants will receive The AIM Institute’s B2B VOC Skills research report on understanding customer needs.

Key take-aways:

  • Learn how confirmation bias & filtering cause you to squander enormous R&D.
  • Understand how to avoid errors of omission and errors of commission.
  • See how the simple use of quantitative VOC revolutionizes your new product success.
  • Bonus: Learn 10 advantages of “Virtual VOC”… and 8 tips to become a VVOC pro.

13. New innovation metrics to drive your B2B organic growth

Abstract: The most popular innovation metric today is the Vitality Index: % of sales from new products. But it’s a lagging indicator: Front-end-innovation changes will take years to impact revenue. Dan Adams has created two new innovation metrics, the Growth Driver Index and Commercial Confidence Index. Participants will gain free access The AIM Institute’s benchmark study and B2B growth diagnostic, and can download the New Innovation Metrics white paper.

Key take-aways:

  • Understand the 4 tests an ideal innovation metric must meet
  • Learn pitfalls of focusing on results… at the expense of capabilities
  • See how the Growth Driver Index promotes new leadership behaviors
  • Apply the Commercial Confidence Index to stop squandering R&D

14. Virtual VOC: How to understand B2B customer needs without a plane ride

Abstract: Join Dan Adams, founder of The AIM Institute, as he explains 10 advantages of virtual voice-of-customer… plus 8 tips for becoming a VVOC pro. Learn why web-conference customer interviews are here to stay in a post-pandemic world, and build new skills pioneered by AIM for in-depth customer insights. Participants will receive a copy of AIM’s Virtual VOC white paper.

Key take-aways:

  • Learn how to conduct virtual VOC your customers will love
  • Understand when to use in-person VOC vs. virtual VOC
  • Enjoy virtual VOC advantages you weren’t even thinking about
  • Master ways to accelerate product development with virtual VOC

Keynote Presentations

Dan and Scott are also available to make live presentations at your conference (for a fee). Here’s an example of Dan’s content and delivery. You can expect the same fresh thinking and energy in the webinars you host. Contact us to learn more.