Blueprinter® Software


Blueprinter software provides a roadmap for teams to flawlessly execute the front end of innovation. Beyond this it…

  • Gives new product development teams a workspace to collaborate
  • Helps teams impress and engage customers during interviews
  • Builds company-wide language and standard practices
  • Interfaces with—and energizes—your stage-and-gate process
  • Builds company memory, with a repository of detailed project data

Today, the most critical Blueprinting steps—from Market Research, Discovery & Preference interviews to the Market Case—are found in cloud-based Blueprinter 5.0 (with the remaining steps still in Excel-based Blueprinter 4.0). To see how AIM clients are winning with this software, see these case stories.

Professional interviews

Blueprinter 5.0 software lets you impress your customers with your professionalism. You can… single-click from note to note… set 9 default languages… record customer voting for favorites… change views (6, 12 or 36 notes per page)… rearrange notes… identify must-haves… display special maps to “trigger” more ideas… capture next steps… and send customers a beautiful PDF record of their ideas. You can even interview customers without an internet connection… since your work is saved to your laptop’s internet browser’s memory cache as well as the cloud.

Company-wide searches

Blueprinter software has been called “the lab notebook for marketers” because all front-end innovation work can be retrieved years later. Employees can search Discovery interviews across the entire company… to learn what colleagues have already learned from customers. What if some customer information is proprietary? No worries: You can “cloak” a sticky note or entire project so it won’t turn up in searches. Also, teams can store shared work files here, e.g. XLS, PPT, DOC and PDF.

Record customer tours

Many Blueprinting practitioners take customer tours before or after their interviews. Now you can record this information and even use AIM’s AMUSE method to improve a customer’s process (Accelerate, Minimize input, Upgrade output, Simplify transitions & Eliminate activities). Imagine how fast your new sales and tech support people could get up to speed by reviewing customer processes in their Blueprinter software.

Create a Market Case

After you complete Discovery and Preference interviews, Blueprinter software lets you quickly generate a Market Case. This is compelling justification for moving into the development stage for many projects. Why? Because the Market Case says, “We have evidence this is an attractive market, and we know exactly what these customers want and don’t want.” To see how powerful this is, download a Market Case Sample as either 2-page PDF or 6-slide PPT.

Request a guided tour

To learn more about Blueprinter software, contact us and ask for a free, brief “at-your-desk” guided tour. We can acquaint you with not only this software, but our training methods.  In the meantime, check out our 5 Training Plans (with pricing and how to get started).

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