Master the front-end of innovation with our customer insight training


When you’ve trained thousands of B2B professionals on every continent, some conclusions are inescapable. First, most B2B companies do a terrible job understanding customer needs for their product development. Each company thinks their situation is unique, but these shortcomings are common across all B2B industries: high commercial risk, misdirected R&D, incrementalism, and overlooked opportunities. They desperately need solid customer insight training (based on customer interview workshops).

Second, the recipe for meaningful organic growth is simple: Understand and meet customer’s needs better than others. Nothing else can provide rapid, profitable and sustainable growth. Most companies compete by trying to meet customer needs better… but good luck relying on smarter R&D. Instead, compete to understand customer needs better. B2B customers are a reservoir of knowledge, interest, objectivity and foresight usually untapped by your competitors. And it remains untapped without training from a solid customer interview workshop.

Third, large companies have thousands of sales, marketing, and technical interactions with customers annually. Instead of relying on hired guns to do their voice-of-customer work, they should use VOC by the masses. This is what our customer insight training–based on New Product Blueprinting–does for your organization: It turns your employees into masters of B2B customer insight. (See how our clients are doing this in these case stories.)

We offer a variety of New Product Blueprinting training options:

  1. Public workshop: Want to test the water before committing to a training program? We hold public virtual workshops that also serve as the kickoff to our full training program (see #2 below). Your “scout” receives all the same learner materials for 30 days and reports back so you can decide if this is right for your organization.
  2. Several training options: Our blended learning approach includes a kickoff workshop, web-conference in-team coaching, self-paced e-learning, Blueprinter® software, BlueTools® aids, and BlueHelp® knowledge center. Check out our 5 Training Plans with pricing. Most companies send one or two teams to our public workshop (the “Team” plan) or hold a private, in-house workshop (the “Business” plan).
  3. Monday Master Classes: Our Blueprinting workshop graduates set themselves apart from “the rest” with their impressive B2B customer insight skills. They keep getting better year after year when they join Dan Adams and Scott Burleson for a free Monday Master Class. In these twice-per-month web-conferences, they hear an advanced lesson and use the open Q&A time to get answers to their toughest questions.
  4. No-cost Certification Programs: Your employees can become Certified Blueprinting Practitioners by simply conducting interviews, taking e-learning, completing a Market Case, and passing exams. With more of this work, they can pursue their Blue Belt Certificate…  a pre-requisite for becoming your in-house Certified Coach.