Master the front-end of innovation with our customer insight training


When you’ve trained thousands of B2B professionals on every continent, some conclusions are inescapable. First, most B2B companies do a terrible job understanding customer needs for their product development. It’s funny: Each company thinks their situation is unique, but you’d be amazed at how common these shortcomings are across all B2B industries: high commercial risk, misdirected R&D, incrementalism, and overlooked opportunities. They desperately need solid customer insight training (based on customer interview workshops).

Second, the recipe for meaningful organic growth is simple: Understand and meet customer’s needs better than others. Nothing else can provide rapid, profitable and sustainable growth. Most companies compete by trying to meet customer needs better… but good luck relying on smarter R&D. Instead, compete to understand customer needs better. B2B customers are a reservoir of knowledge, interest, objectivity and foresight almost always untapped by your competitors. And it remains untapped without training from a solid customer interview workshop.

Third, large companies have thousands of sales, marketing, and technical interactions with customers annually. Instead of relying on hired guns to do their voice-of-customer work, they should use VOC by the masses. This is what our customer insight training–based on New Product Blueprinting–does for your organization: It turns your employees into masters of B2B customer insight.

We offer four types of New Product Blueprinting training:

  1. In-house workshop: This is our most popular customer insight training. We train 2-to-5 of your multi-functional teams in a workshop with 15-to-30 learners. After this customer interview workshop, these teams conduct real interviews with real customers, as an AIM Coach supports them for up to a year. Our blended learning approach includes two workshops, web-conference coaching, self-paced e-learning, Blueprinter® software and BlueToolsTM (job-specific aids). Expensive? Not really… about $3000 per learner for everything.
  2. Open workshop: We know many companies like to test the water before committing to in-house training. We hold open workshops in the US and internationally that are nearly identical to in-house workshops. Your “scout” receives all the learner materials and reports back so you can decide if this is right for your organization.
  3. Advanced Skills: You’ll be impressed with the new skills, methods and mindset your teams adopt from “core” Blueprinting training. Now keep increasing your competitive edge: We have much more to teach than can be absorbed in the core customer interview workshop. We offer our two-day Advanced Skills workshop both in a public setting and in-house.
  4. Blue and Black Belts: The highest level of success comes when you no longer rely solely on an outside firm like us, and you develop internal coaches. With our Blue Belt and Black Belt certification programs, you’ll trim coaching costs, accelerate and upgrade projects, and take greater ownership in mastering B2B customer insight.