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Have you attended a Blueprinting workshop? Why not continue building your skills by attending our AIM Webinars and Monday Master Classes? During each of these 30-minute web-conferences, you’ll hear a special lesson… and then enjoy a 30-minute open Q&A session with Dan and Scott. Attend regularly and become amazing at B2B customer insight!

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Upcoming Classes


May 21, 2024, 11am EDT: MAJOR BLUEPRINTING UPGRADES! (yes, even more!)

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Learn about major Blueprinting upgrades, including Blueprinter® software AI, 90-day Blueprinting, and Key Account Blueprinting in this brief session.

June 13, 2024, 11am EDT: The New SalesPrep™ System for B2B Sales Success

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Learn how SalesPrep™ software and training can drive B2B sales success. In this session, you’ll learn about this new program, including:

·          SalesPrep software: Quickly access high-value insights about customers.

·          E-learning: Learn to use SalesPrep data to form strong probing questions.

·          AI Guide: Practice with “Claire”… your customer and feedback coach.

·          ResourcesWhat-Why-Clarify probing, SALT probing, PEAR listening, etc.

·          Workshop: These self-paced tools can also be learned at your workshop.


Sep 16, 2024, 10am EDT: Jobs-to-be-Done and CX, using the best of both

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It’s easy to get lost in a sea of terms in the modern era of innovation science. Let’s dig into the complementary nature of JTBD and CX, and understand the proper role of each.

Nov 4, 2024, 10am EST: Benchmarking, The Secret to Strategy Execution

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Your team has executed a VOC project, or maybe you’ve hired a third party. Now you have all these results, are your engineers shrugging their shoulders and saying, “Now what?” Let’s talk about what’s next in this session.

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