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Upcoming Classes


Jun 5, 2023 The Power of CONTEXT in Jobs-to-be-Done

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The essence of Jobs-to-be-Done is that a customer hires a product to help them to accomplish a job. This is the theory. But when theory meets practice, things get sticky. Learn why understanding context is critical in Jobs-to-be-Done.

Jul 31, 2023: The Linkage Between Performance and Satisfaction

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The key missing concept from most Voice of the Customer methods is the performance level. If a customer wants something to be better, well… how much better?

Oct 9, 2023: How Much VoC do New Product Initiatives Need?

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You have a large portfolio of new product initiatives. Do they all need VoC projects? If so, do they all need the same amount? We discuss the basics of this and demonstrate a tool that can help.

Introduction of Steps 4 and 5 in Blueprinter(R) Software

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With the addition of Steps 4 and 5 in Blueprinter software, B2B firms can create customer value more precisely than ever before.

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