The Complete Solution to Transform Your B2B Business

New Product Blueprinting is a complete organic growth system, optimized for B2B. Fine-tuned across thousands of projects, it includes software, workshops, e-learning, coaching, and tools for both practitioners and executives. 

Plans & Pricing

Here the main components of New Product Blueprinting:

1. Blueprinter® Software

Blueprinter software gives you an interview interface that impresses customers. You’ll send them professional post-interview summaries, data-mine interviews across your entire company, generate comprehensive stage-and-gate reports and more… all with easy cloud-based team collaboration.

2. eLearning Course

Practitioners view 31 e-learning modules covering the full range of B2B front-end innovation… to reinforce workshop learning and build strong, career-enhancing B2B insight and innovation skills.

3. BlueTools®

These aids, fine-tuned over thousands of projects, speed up learning, improve effectiveness, and save significant time for practitioners. See Overview of BlueTools.

4. BlueHelp® Knowledge Center

Practitioners will find the answer to every imaginable question within this searchable database. And if there is any difficulty, a “Contact for Support” link is just a click away.

5. Executive Dashboard

Executives use this to monitor their entire portfolio of Blueprinting projects in the front-end of innovation. Your business leaders have powerful filter, sort, and search capabilities, and can switch between portfolio and pipeline views. View a demo of the Blueprinting Executive Dashboard.

6. In-team Web-conference Coaching

Skill acquisition takes time, but it’s important to get results from the start. New practitioners are virtually assured of early success with our In-team Web-conference Coaching Plan… in which an AIM coach guides them during their team meetings after the initial workshop.

7. Monday Master Classes

Blueprinting practitioners continue to sharpen their skills with our complimentary two-per-month Monday Master Class education series.  At each session, AIM’s top trainers cover an advanced topic… and then open the forum for any Blueprinting subject.

8. Blueprinting Center

New Product Blueprinting is comprehensive, but not confusing. Practitioners find all the above resources in this one spot. After the first year, users retain free lifetime access to all portions of the Center except Blueprinter software & e-learning (which require modest monthly subscriptions).

Pick the Blueprinting plan right for you...

From "just checking it out"... to driving your organic growth, there is a plan for you...



The fast, low-cost way to check out Blueprinting. If you like what you see, just upgrade to the Individual plan after the workshop.



Provides one person with access to all Blueprinting resources… so they can build their personal interviewing skills.

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For 1-2 project teams from a small company… or for a large company wishing to pilot Blueprinting with 1-2 real projects.

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Most popular plan: For the business ready to apply Blueprinting to 3 or more real projects and change its innovation culture.

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Like the Business plan… except AIM works closely with your executive team. Best when mediocre growth is not an option.

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Virtual workshop type

(Virtual only)
(Virtual only)
(Virtual only)
(Virtual or in-person)
(Virtual or in-person)

First year costs

After the first year, the only ongoing cost is Blueprinter® software at $30/person/mo.*

$395/person $1390/person $1,390/person

Blueprinting Center

BlueTools®, BlueHelp® and other resources

30 Days Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime

Blueprinter® software

30 Days 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months

eLearning Course

31 in-depth, self-paced e-modules

30 Days 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months

Virtual workshop (2 half-days)

Covers Blueprinting Steps 1-3 with heavy focus on Discovery interviews

Monday Master Classes

Two-per-month open web-conferences with Dan Adams & Scott Burleson"

Eligible for Practitioner certification

Eligible for Blue Belt certification

Executive Dashboard

Portfolio views of multiple projects

In-team AIM web-conference coaching

Up to 12 hours over 12 months (per team)

Project scoping web-conference

AIM guidance prior to workshop


Blueprinting Center access allowed using your employees' existing passwords

Stage-gate integration

Allows Blueprinter data to flow into your stage-gate system. Extra fees may apply.

Executive report-out #1

Teams report their selected market segments and their targeted interviewees

Executive report-out #2

Teams report their progress on Discovery interviews and plans for Preference

Executive report-out #3

Teams present their Market Cases for entry into the development stage (or BP steps 4-7)

Executive Growth Workshop

Workshop with Dan Adams and your leaders to develop your organic growth strategy

B2B Organic Growth Diagnostic +

Benchmark your business's growth capabilities; includes leadership consultations from Dan Adams

Executive Growth Series +

30 executive videos; includes leadership consultations from Dan Adams

* In additon to their Blueprinter® software subscription, some clients opt to continue e-learning after the first year for an additional $15/person/month.