The Complete Solution to Transform Your B2B Business

What’s the key to profitable, sustainable organic growth? Understand and meet customer needs better than others.  To get your company performing at an elite level, it will take more than just “training.” AIM provides a complete growth system, optimized for the special world of B2B. Fine-tuned within thousands of projects, the system includes software, workshops, e-learning, coaching, and tools for both practitioners and executives.

Whether you’re a large company seeking to build growth capabilities, or an individual looking to advance your career, there’s a path for you. At the bottom of this page, you’ll find 5 paths to begin Blueprinting.

But first, please check out the 7 components of the Blueprinting system: Blueprinter® software, e-learning course, BlueTools®, BlueHelp®, Executive Dashboard, In-team Web-conference Coaching, and to hold it all together, the Blueprinting Center.

1. Blueprinter® Software

Blueprinter software lets your teams perform 7 steps in front-end innovation… from market segmentation to a business case. You’ll especially impress customers with the Discovery and Preference interview interfaces.

Because this is cloud-based software, your teams can collaborate, your company can data-mine long-ago interviews, your executives can view project portfolios, and you can feed valuable Blueprinter project data into your existing stage-and-gate process.

2. eLearning Course

e-Learning course consisting of 31 modules, each 15-30 minutes in lengthLearners receive one-year access to all 31 e-learning modules, each 15-30 minutes in length. (Some companies renew subscriptions after the first year.)

With over 100 videos, high-quality graphics, and countless tips uniquely developed by the AIM Institute, this is easily the most advanced course available for B2B front-end innovation today. Learner progress is tracked for certification purposes and is available for review by your executives.

3. BlueTools® Aids

BlueTools: Over 20 BlueTool aids for conducting a myriad of front-end tasksLearners have free lifetime access to over 20 BlueTool aids for conducting a myriad of front-end tasks… in PDF, XLS, MSWord and PPT formats.

BlueTools help you locate industry experts… conduct secondary research…  convince customers to be interviewed… probe during interviews… conduct customer tours… debrief after interviews… create a value calculator… pressure-test your business case… and much more.

4. BlueHelp® Knowledge Center

The AIM Institute's BlueHelp knowledge center is focused on B2B customer insight, as practiced with its New Product Blueprinting and Blueprinter software.For the rest of their careers, learners can access this huge, searchable knowledge center for free. Today it contains over 200 articles on virtually every aspect of Blueprinting and the front end of B2B innovation.

If your learners pursue Blueprinting Practitioner and Blue Belt certifications, they’ll find the answers to all exam questions here. After the workshop, your learners build on what they’ve learned, instead of forgetting it.

5. Executive Dashboard

Fully engage the business leaders with the Executive Dashboard with comprehensive project pipeline and portfolio viewsYour executives can now view all projects at the same time, with both project pipeline (timeline chart) and portfolio (bubble chart) views. The Dashboard has powerful filter, sort & search capabilities, and even lets executives drill-down into Blueprinter projects and contact team members.

You can have Blueprinter project data flow directly into your own stage-and-gate system. Remember the term, “fuzzy front end”? Your front-end-of-innovation can now be least “fuzzy” part of your entire process. View a demo of the Blueprinting Executive Dashboard.

6. In-team Web-conference Coaching

When you attend a Blueprinting workshop, you learn about New Product Blueprinting. But you don’t really learn Blueprinting until you apply it to a real project with a team of colleagues. For your first Blueprinting project, plan on support from an AIM Coach… someone who has mastered Blueprinting and has coached many other teams to success. Your coach will catch mistakes before you make them, help you complete your work faster, and give you greater confidence to apply new skills you’ll use the rest of your career. See all the ways an AIM Coach can help your team succeed with this In-team Web-conference Coaching Plan.

7. Blueprinting Center

The Blueprinting Center contains everything new practitioners need to learn and apply Blueprinting: e-learning, BlueTools®, BlueHelp®, project tracking, and Blueprinter® software.Workshop learners receive 1-year access to the Blueprinting Center, with everything they need to learn and apply Blueprinting: e-learning, BlueTools®, BlueHelp®, project tracking, and Blueprinter® software.

After the first year? They continue with free lifetime access to everything except Blueprinter software and e-learning, which require annual subscription renewals.

Pick the Blueprinting plan right for you...

From "just checking it out"... to driving your organic growth, there is a plan for you...



The fast, low-cost way to check out Blueprinting. If you like what you see, just upgrade to the Individual plan after the workshop.



Provides one person with access to all Blueprinting resources… so they can build their personal interviewing skills.

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For 1-2 project teams from a small company… or for a large company wishing to pilot Blueprinting with 1-2 real projects.

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Most popular plan: For the business ready to apply Blueprinting to 3 or more real projects and change its innovation culture.

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Like the Business plan… except AIM works closely with your executive team. Best when mediocre growth is not an option.

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Virtual workshop type

(Virtual only)
(Virtual only)
(Virtual only)
(Virtual or in-person)
(Virtual or in-person)

First year costs

After the first year, the only ongoing cost is Blueprinter® software at $30/person/mo.*

$395/person $1390/person $1,390/person

Blueprinting Center

BlueTools®, BlueHelp® and other resources

30 Days Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime

Blueprinter® software

30 Days 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months

eLearning Course

31 in-depth, self-paced e-modules

30 Days 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months

Virtual workshop (2 half-days)

Covers Blueprinting Steps 1-3 with heavy focus on Discovery interviews

Monday Master Classes

Two-per-month open web-conferences with Dan Adams & Scott Burleson"

Eligible for Practitioner certification

Eligible for Blue Belt certification

Executive Dashboard

Portfolio views of multiple projects

In-team AIM web-conference coaching

Up to 12 hours over 12 months (per team)

Project scoping web-conference

AIM guidance prior to workshop


Blueprinting Center access allowed using your employees' existing passwords

Stage-gate integration

Allows Blueprinter data to flow into your stage-gate system. Extra fees may apply.

Executive report-out #1

Teams report their selected market segments and their targeted interviewees

Executive report-out #2

Teams report their progress on Discovery interviews and plans for Preference

Executive report-out #3

Teams present their Market Cases for entry into the development stage (or BP steps 4-7)

Executive Growth Workshop

Workshop with Dan Adams and your leaders to develop your organic growth strategy

B2B Organic Growth Diagnostic +

Benchmark your business's growth capabilities; includes leadership consultations from Dan Adams

Executive Growth Series +

30 executive videos; includes leadership consultations from Dan Adams

* In additon to their Blueprinter® software subscription, some clients opt to continue e-learning after the first year for an additional $15/person/month.