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Upcoming Classes


Mon, Sep 20, 2021: How to Analyze Your Preference Data

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Your Blueprinter software includes powerful tools for analyzing your data… especially for sub-segmenting your markets in a way competitors can’t match. In this session, we’ll take a deep dive into all the ways you can parse your quantitative Preference data.. and present your findings to management.

Mon, Oct 4, 2021: Connecting Blueprinting with your Stage-and-Gate Process

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Stage-and-gate processes and New Product Blueprinting are two of the most popular ways for companies to improve their new-product success. Learn how they complement each other and how improved front-end work is critical to your NPD process. See how the latest improvements in Blueprinter software make it easy to connect Blueprinter data to your own process.

Mon, Oct 18, 2021: How Unforced Errors in Business Leadership Stunt Growth

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We’ll explore some of the most common mindset errors in business leadership today, beginning with the flawed goal of “maximizing shareholder wealth.” Explore other mistakes as well: the problem with short time horizons… failing to foresee second-order effects… and the lack of balance between results and capabilities. Just stopping these bad habits will make you a more effective leader.

Mon, Nov 15, 2021: Optimizing Design Thinking for B2B

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The “Design Thinking” process applies methods from the design and architectural realms to new product development. However, it’s most common for B2B firms to struggle to use implement it with good results. Learn how to leverage the best of Design Thinking into a legitimate core innovation process for B2B.

Mon, Dec 6, 2021: So, you’ve got a new product idea…

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A common question amongst new Blueprinting practitioners is, “Can I still do New Product Blueprinting if I have a product idea in mind?” Thankfully, the answer is “Yes!” However, the existence of the product idea will impact your project scope, the Discovery Interview, and even the Preference Interviews as well. Learn how to ensure that your Blueprinting project will help ensure that your new product will be a smashing success.

Mon, Jan 17, 2022: Blueprinter software®: New Features from 2021

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From the early days when Blueprinter software was built in Excel, to the PC version, to now the web app, Blueprinter software continues to advance. Each improvement is selected from hundreds of possible enhancements. The B2B marketer is so busy, it’s easy to miss the more recent updates. Attend this session and learn about the most impactful new features from 2021.



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