Reviews from Past Attendees

2020 Winter Workshop in Cleveland, Ohio

Blueprinting Open Workshop in Cleveland, Ohio – January 2020

Many of the world’s largest B2B companies have invited AIM to train hundreds—or even thousands—of their employees in-house. But how did they get started? Often by sending someone to one of these open workshops to check it out.

As these global ratings show, attendees love these sessions… and you will too! You’ll learn what the future of B2B innovation looks like. And you’ll do it surrounded by new friends from the world’s leading B2B companies. Join us at our next open workshop… to chart a new innovation course for your company, and new skills for your career!

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Hear What Attendees Have Had to Say

“Blown away by how fully evolved this workshop and methodology are! Fantastic!”

– T. Stier

“Will change radically our innovation approach.”

– B. Ladent

“I’m excited to take back what I learned to others within my organization and to spread New Product Blueprinting into our company DNA!”

– Dan E.

“Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and am eager to begin implementing… Your entire staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.”

– B. McDonough

“New Product Blueprinting will be critical to developing our next generation products!”

– J. Ilkka

“Excellent work session. Methodology for Discovery interviews was very executable.”

– B. Sharp

“Can’t wait to use these skills and tools. This will be a great asset for me and my company going forward. Well done!!!”

– P. Walker

“The two days spent in training were extremely valuable, helping me to advance and fine-tune my interview skills.”

– K. Parlock

“Fantastic workshop with the best trainer! Excellent materials, engagement and support!”

– Jim D.

“Dan does a terrific job of teaching, motivating and entertaining. A true pro! The material is extremely well done and helpful.”

– Mike S.

Upcoming workshops

  • Mar 31-Apr 1, 2020 – Atlanta, GA, USA – Register Now
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  • May 12-13, 2020 – Zurich, Switzerland – Register Now
    Register by March 12, 2020 for the super early bird rate.

Photos from past workshops


Open Workshop in Zurich, CH


Open Workshop in Atlanta, GA


Open Workshop in Cambridge, UK

2018 Winter Workshop in Shanghai

Open Workshop in Shanghai, China