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Voice-of-customer (VOC) efforts by most B2B suppliers are based on consumer-goods methods that are totally inappropriate for B2B. This e-book presents 12 new B2B VOC rules your company can use to dramatically boost customer insights… all timely, all practical. Just download and read how you can reinvent your B2B voice of customer insight, and with it your ability to out-innovate competitors

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Preview: Reinventing VOC for B2B

Our research finds B2B professionals want to improve one growth driver above all others: market insight. The best way to do this is with advanced B2B VOC (voice of customer) methods. In this e-book, you’ll see the best ways to conduct B2B voice of customer research, proven by thousands of B2B professionals around the world. You’ll overcome three common pitfalls.

Pitfall #1: Consumer goods VOC is too feeble for B2B. Many companies rely on voice of customer methods created long ago for consumer goods, which were then tweaked and renamed over the decades. Your B2B VOC can be much stronger than B2C. Why? You’ll optimize your B2B voice of customer approach to take advantage of B2B customers who are knowledgeable, interested, objective and foresighted. You’ll gain much greater insight as a result. And how you conduct your B2B VOC will also impress and engage customers… “priming” them to buy your new product when you develop it.

Pitfall #2: Commercial risk is far too rampant. Most companies don’t resolve commercial risk until they launch their product, and then see if customers buy it. And yet B2B customers can tell you exactly what outcomes they want in the front-end of innovation… if you know how to ask. You do this in advanced B2B VOC by first diverging to all customer outcomes in qualitative Discovery interviews. Then you conduct a round of convergent Preference interviews to focus on those outcomes the market truly cares about. You simply don’t need to endure much commercial risk with this B2B voice of customer approach.

Pitfall #3: Innovation is too wasteful today. Companies average a 75% defect rate once they begin the product development stage. Our science of B2B customer insight improves this. “Reinvented” B2B VOC lets you understand customer outcomes in increasing detail. Just as a scientist slides his or her specimen under the microscope and increases magnification, so your B2B VOC will allow you to understand customers’ needs in increasing detail. Competitors using out-of-date B2B voice of customer methods just won’t be able to keep up.

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