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Supercharge your Stage-Gate® process


Preview: Supercharge Your Stage-Gate Growth Machine Looking for a stream of market-shaking new products to drive your B2B organic growth? That’s what these 9 actions deliver. “Bucket” your R&D work: To avoid serious missteps, you must clearly separate your technology development work from your product development. Fixate your early Stages on market needs: Focus first ... Read More

The e-book for B2B growth leaders


Preview: Leader’s Guide to B2B Organic Growth This is the B2B leader’s short course in leading profitable, sustainable B2B organic growth. It’s available in two forms: 1) this 68-page e-book, and 2) as a expanded 50-video series in which you receive a new 2-minute video daily or weekly. These videos take the B2B growth leader ... Read More

The e-book on B2B product launch

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Preview: 12 Rules of B2B Product Launch Our research finds professionals are usually dissatisfied with their B2B product launches. You can apply these B2B-optimized methods—proven by thousands globally—for far better launch results. This e-book helps you overcome these new product commercialization shortfalls: Shortfall #1: B2B product launches do not take full advantage of modern digital ... Read More

The e-book on B2B VOC

Reinventing VOC for B2B eBook from The AIM Institute

Preview: Reinventing VOC for B2B Our research finds B2B professionals want to improve one growth driver above all others: market insight. The best way to do this is with advanced B2B VOC (voice of customer) methods. In this e-book, you’ll see the best ways to conduct B2B voice of customer research, proven by thousands of ... Read More