B2B Growth Diagnostic

Want to benchmark your growth capabilities… so you can chart a course for consistent growth? This free growth diagnostic service shows you precisely which growth drivers to focus on. If you had been thinking of hiring a growth consultant, you can put your wallet away.

24 Growth Drivers

growth diag 1

For rapid, profitable, sustainable growth that you can count on, you need a leading—not lagging—indicator to build your needed capabilities. AIM’s ground-breaking research reveals 24 proven growth drivers… and it shows which are the most powerful. (See What Drives B2B Organic Growth.)

But every business is different, and it would be foolhardy to pursue 24 growth drivers all at once. This diagnostic shows how you compare to average, top quartile, and top decile companies for each growth driver… from The AIM Institute’s database of over 5000 respondents. As you improve these growth drivers, you are building your growth capabilities.

Most companies over-focus on near-term results and under-focus on capabilities. Who wouldn’t aggressively build their capabilities ahead of an important chess or boxing match? Yet many business leaders don’t a) objectively assess their growth capabilities, b) develop a comprehensive improvement plan, and c) track how they’re improving. Your journey starts with this diagnostic.

How the B2B Growth Diagnostic works

  1. Download and fill out Start your B2B Growth Diagnostic. (Then upload using button at the bottom of this page.) This service is free, all data is confidential, and we don’t expect anything else from you.
  2. Your employees take an online 24-question survey to confidentially assess your business’s growth capabilities.
  3. You receive a 20-page B2B Growth Diagnostic PDF report with your benchmarked results. (Download a sample report.)
  4. Optional: You can schedule a web-conference between our staff and your leadership team to review your results.


How to use the B2B Growth Diagnostic…

The diagnostic doesn’t just tell you how you’re doing now. It tells you how to get better, with recommendations for each of the 24 growth drivers (see below). You’ll now have a “baseline” of your growth capabilities, so you can create an intelligent plan to improve them.

B2B Growth Diagnostic Diagram

You may want to perform this growth metric annually to ensure business leaders leave their business “stronger than they found it.” With today’s intense short-term financial pressures, some may be tempted to “eat their seed corn,” when they should be planting for the future. This diagnostic provides a sturdy counter-balance to such behavior.

Get started…

NOTE: ***After beginning the steps below, please allow for 5-7 business days for the process to begin. 

When filling out the information below, please include at least 20 survey respondents from across diverse roles related to innovation and growth.

1) Download and fill out Start your B2B Growth Diagnostic.
2) Upload it using button below.