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What if B2B companies pursued growth in an entirely different manner in 20 years? What if we looked back then and cringed at our approach today? This book shows you how all successful B2B leaders will eventually drive grow. The 30 lessons in this e-book are also delivered by Dan Adams in two-minute videos. Immerse your leadership team in this content now so you can master it… and leave your competitors far behind.

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Preview: Leader’s Guide to B2B Organic Growth

This is the B2B leader’s short course in leading profitable, sustainable B2B organic growth. It’s available in two forms: 1) this 68-page e-book, and 2) as a expanded 50-video series in which you receive a new 2-minute video daily or weekly. These videos take the B2B growth leader through the same B2B organic growth lessons as the e-book… and more For more see B2B Organic Growth video series.

The e-book, Leader’s Guide to B2B Organic Growth, is divided into three sections. In the first section, B2B leaders learn about a new growth mindset. At the root of disappointing growth is flawed thinking by leadership teams. When B2B growth leaders change this thinking, they unleash rapid, profitable, sustainable growth. This new thinking begins with an understanding that the B2B leader’s growth challenge may be greater than they think. Key lessons include rethinking B2B business goals, recalibrating your time horizon, re-prioritizing initiatives, and knowing which B2B growth capabilities will pay off.

The second section points B2B growth leaders to one of the greatest sources of growth today: deeper customer insight. Today, B2B companies just scratch the surface of what could be learned from their customers. The lessons in this section lie at the heart of the B2B organic growth every business leader seeks. They include ways to increase market concentration, eliminate most commercial risk, engage B2B customers, create and capture value, and pursue fast innovation.

The third section helps B2B leaders build on the foundation created in the first two sections, demonstrating how they can amplify their growth. You’re not done when you master B2B customer insight. These strategies let you leverage this insight, putting even more daylight between you and competitors. In this section B2B growth leaders learn how to launch new products explosively, understand risk vs. uncertainty, pursue transformational projects, study their industry’s future, employ leading B2B organic growth metrics, and lead for growth… every day.

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