Supercharge your Stage-Gate® process

Stage-Gate® International and The AIM Institute have teamed up to bring you this step-by-step guide to super-charge your B2B new product development process. These 9 actions—including new ways to integrate B2B front-end customer insights—will let your Stage-Gate process perform at a level you’ve never seen.

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Preview: Supercharge Your Stage-Gate Growth Machine

Looking for a stream of market-shaking new products to drive your B2B organic growth? That’s what these 9 actions deliver.

  • “Bucket” your R&D work: To avoid serious missteps, you must clearly separate your technology development work from your product development.
  • Fixate your early Stages on market needs: Focus first on your target market segment, customer job-to-be-done, customer outcomes, and value proposition.
  • Drive out commercial risk in Stages 1 & 2: These B2B customer interviews let you drive out nearly all commercial risk… the leading cause of new product failure.
  • Set up your teams to succeed: Great ideas matter much less than great teams. These three factors will drive your teams’ performance.
  • Separate Opportunity Quality and Execution Quality: There are two very different reasons for a no-go decision… and you’re probably not recognizing them.
  • Push the accelerator pedal: Want to driver faster innovation? Each of these three practices will help. Together, they’ll drive unprecedented innovation speed.
  • Stop pushing the brake pedal: Boost your innovation success simply by stopping these all-too-common practices, which we refer to as “innovation friction.”
  • Pursue bigger, bolder innovation projects: Stuck in incrementalism? This four-step process gives you the confidence to succeed with game-changing innovation.
  • Steer with the right metrics: Keep your Vitality Index (% of sales from new products), but add this leading innovation metric to your lagging Vitality Index.

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