The AIM Institute’s Dan Adams Webinar with Planisware

Cuyahoga Falls, OH (October 19, 2016) – For Immediate Release

New evidence shows that shifting to a customer-centric innovation approach is becoming increasingly critical to survive in the modern marketplace. Emerging techniques are empowering forward-thinking B2B companies to routinely eliminate most of their commercial risk.

Dan Adams joined Planisware’s Director of Innovation and PPM Practice, Keith Duncan, On October 18, 2016 for a webinar entitled Driving Sustainable Growth by Leveraging Customer Insights. The webinar examined a new approach to new product development and innovation.

Noted thought leader Dan Adams, founder of the AIM Institute and creator of New Product Blueprinting, has developed a cost-effective approach to customer-centric innovation that empowers companies to more effectively leverage customer insights early in the new product development process. His research indicates that organizations that implement his methodology successfully reduce commercial risk to support long-term, organic growth.

Together, Dan and Keith presented methods for businesses to incorporate into their organizational planning processes to instill confidence that they’re targeting the right goals and have the right tactics to achieve them, resulting in higher ROI and improved performance.

Key points made in the webinar included:

  • What B2B companies might be doing backwards in product development processes
  • How to know what customers really want in a product – and ways to ask questions to get precise customer and market insights
  • How to reduce risk and improve market acceptance for every product launch
  • How to create an innovation roadmap that aligns the organization (R&D, sales, manufacturing, HR, IT, marketing) around the same goals: Developing the differentiated products your customers really want

All registrants received a copy of Dan Adams’ new white paper, Timing is Everythingand a link to the webinar recording after the event.

To learn more about The AIM Institute, visit their website at www.theaiminstitute.comand download their free resources to learn more about B2B new product development innovation.

About Planisware:

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