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Most companies need to overhaul their B2B product launches for 3 reasons. First, the digital age has changed the game, especially raising the penalty for not being “findable.” Second, B2B marketers have been using hand-me-down B2C methods for far too long. Third, much more rigor is needed by most B2B suppliers. Products are ‘released’ casually, budgets are spent inefficiently, and prospects respond “underwhelmingly.” This e-book introduces you to today’s most advanced B2B new product commercialization methods.

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Preview: 12 Rules of B2B Product Launch

Our research finds professionals are usually dissatisfied with their B2B product launches. You can apply these B2B-optimized methods—proven by thousands globally—for far better launch results. This e-book helps you overcome these new product commercialization shortfalls:

Shortfall #1: B2B product launches do not take full advantage of modern digital tools. B2B suppliers are certainly not oblivious to newer digital marketing tools. But many are slow to adopt the right digital tools for their specific new product commercialization. And when they do, they often use these tools in a haphazard, inefficient fashion. This e-book introduces you to 9 traditional and 9 digital promotional methods… as well as The AIM Institute’s method for deciding which are best for your new B2B product launch.

Shortfall #2: B2B product launches are not optimized for B2B. B2B suppliers often make the mistake of using promotional methods designed for B2C. They also fail to customize these methods to the unique nature of each of their B2B market segments. This leads to over-spending and under-performing. Your next new product commercialization should take advantage of your unique B2B advantages.

Shortfall #3: B2B new product commercialization is often too casual. Some companies spend liberally on product development, and then fail to form B2B product launch teams soon enough, muster adequate launch budgets, and follow a rigorous launch roadmap. One B2B marketer described their new product commercialization this way: “We don’t release our products. We let them escape.”

This e-book takes you through important “rules” that you can begin applying with your next B2B product launch… including how to become more “findable,” getting inside prospects’ minds with positioning, advancing prospects along the buying cycle, customizing your new product commercialization for industry concentration and position, using word of mouth, making your sales pros look like geniuses, integrating various media, and putting it all together in a strong B2B product launch plan.

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