Advanced B2B product launch training…

Tired of underwhelming product launches? Your teams can learn the most advanced B2B product launch methods anywhere… pioneered by The AIM Institute. It’s easy to preview our product launch training, because the open version of our product launch workshop is identical to our in-house version.

You can choose either workshop or online training. An AIM trainer can come to your office for a 1-day product launch workshop. Learners then receive post-workshop help on real launches… during coached web-conferences & self-paced online learning modules. Or use just online product launch training modules and AIM web-conference coaching to train global teams.

What will you take home?

As part of this product launch workshop, you’ll receive the following tools to drive great B2B product launches

  • 12-month access to LaunchStar® 3.0 software*
  • 12-month access to 7 e-learning modules
  • Blueprinting log, with >100 slides
  • The e-book, 12 New Rules of B2B Product Launch

*A software license costs $30/month after year 1

These materials let you plan complete product launches, using up to five key LaunchStar® software-generated reports: 1) Launch Plan (executive summary), 2) Prospect Profile (WHO to tell), 3) Message Brief (WHAT to tell), 4) Media Guide (HOW to tell), and 5) Launch Results (post launch tracking)

What will you learn?

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn in this product launch training (For more, download training details.)

  • Create a bullet-proof 2-page Executive Summary justifying your launch
  • Develop a Prospect Profile that communicates your targets to agencies and sales
  • Deploy an online 2-Question Launch Survey so you don’t waste your promotion budget
  • Develop your Message Brief that will drive your copy in all launch media
  • Answer key positioning questions based on proven positioning principles
  • Manage all aspects of production startup and internal record-keeping
  • Plan and justify pricing of your new offering
  • Use the Media Strategy Matrix to select the best media for your target market
  • Learn over 140 current tips for 18 media… 9 traditional and 9 online
  • Choose from 25 sales tools and learn the common use for each
  • Plan comprehensive training for your sales force and others
  • Develop a detailed launch budget and use this to track spending
  • Create a lead scoring & nurturing plan for transferring leads from marketing to sales
  • Move prospects along the buying cycle using the “offers” you plan for them
  • Monitor sales results & other key metrics

Who should attend?

This product launch workshop is ideal for marketing and product management professionals. But the best launches come from multi-functional teams where these functions also play a key role…

  • Technical… to develop product descriptions/specifications
  • Sales… to bridge the all-too-common gap with the sales force
  • Operations… to scale-up production in an efficient, timely manner
  • Marcomm… to coordinate promotions, often with external agencies

Setting up your training

To set up up your training, Contact us.