The AIM Institute Hosted B2B Focused Live Webinar with PDMA

Cuyahoga Falls, OH (October 28, 2016) – For Immediate Release

The AIM Institutes’ Dan Adams hosted a live webinar with PDMA on October 27, 2016, entitled “Surprising New Research on B2B-Optimized VOC: Evidence for What Really Works”.

The webinar was created for business executives, “owners” of product development processes, technical personnel charged with customer-facing innovation, marketing professionals and those engaged in product management. It spoke directly to the people who make or influence decisions concerning how their company goes about understanding the needs of B2B customers so that real and significant change can occur in their new product development process.

“Many adjustments can be immediately applied to their own voice-of-customer practices”, explained Dan Adams. “You will be able to stop common practices that are hindering your ability to understand customer needs for improved product development. Most of this can be applied within the first 30 days of the webcast.”

Dan Adams explored the fundamentals of B2B divergent (qualitative) and convergent (quantitative) interviews. The webinar information included:

  • Why B2B product development should be different than B2C, and the 5 advantages of B2B over B2C
  • Moving from Innovation Maturity Level 1 to 3 (overcoming major B2B innovation problems)
  • Exploring Divergent and Convergent B2B customer interviews
  • New research results on interview effectiveness (regarding improved customer insight and reaction) and how customers react to interviews
  • How to nearly eliminate commercial risk
  • Why you should not “validate” your ideas with customers
  • New quantitative data (Market Satisfaction Gaps) showing the surprising diversity among B2B market segments
  • The AIM Institute’s new groundbreaking research reports

The presentation was recorded. The recording is available on the Webcast Recording section of PDMA Store.

To learn more about The AIM Institute, visit their website at www.theaiminstitute.comand view the PDMA webinar video here. Learn more about B2B new product development innovation and exciting new research findings today.

About PDMA:

The Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) is a community of more than 2,000 members whose skills, expertise and experience power the most recognized and respected innovative companies in the world.

PDMA’s members include product development and management practitioners, academics and service providers in a variety of industries and knowledge areas, including new product process, strategy innovation, market research, tools & metrics, organizational issues and portfolio management.

Since 1976, PDMA is the only organization that focuses on the unique set of integrated activities involved in the full lifecycle of product development and management, including innovation. PDMA distributes the annual Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award; the only innovation award, which recognized sustained (five or more years) qualifiable business results from new products and services.

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