AIM introduces Market Case as alternative to full Business Case in front-end of innovation

Market Case PowerPoint and PDF files

January 15, 2020 (Cuyahoga Falls, OH) – For projects that require just 1 person-year of development, the Market Case, which is generated after step 3 in Blueprinting, may be the last step required before beginning development.

Many people are familiar with a Business Case: For new product development, this is what the team presents to management when it wants to enter the development stage. The Blueprinting process includes a Business Case as its last step. So why do you need a Market Case? You could either use the Market Case as a checkpoint on your way to your Business Case (for larger projects)… or use the Market Case as the sole mechanism to begin the development stage (for smaller projects).

The Market Case is often sufficient because it says 1) this is an attractive market segment, both winnable and worth winning… and 2) we understand exactly what customers in this market segment do and do not want. The Market Case contains 6 sections:

  1. Project Scope
  2. Strategic Fit
  3. Market Segment Attractiveness
  4. Customer Overview
  5. Competitive Landscape
  6. Value Proposition

Download a sample Market Case or generate one in Blueprinter software by selecting the DEMO: Acme Packaging project > Blueprinter Tool 3.7 > All Interviews. Step through the steps to the end and click one of the download icons.

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