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Dan Adams’ new book Business Builders now available!


Dan Adams launched today his new book titled Business Builders: How to Become an Admired and Trusted Corporate Leader. This ground-breaking research examines four types of business leaders, based on responses from 654 senior leaders, middle managers, and individual contributors. They are: Builders (passionate about delivering value to customers, Decorators (focused on making the firm ... Read More

Mississippi State publishes report detailing how New Product Blueprinting was used for prioritizing areas of research

The first in academia to use New Product Blueprinting, Mississippi State University Advanced Composites Institute (ACI), sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration, applied Blueprinter® software and New Product Blueprinting methodology to aid in fully understanding the benefits, shortcomings, and necessity of research of resin infused aerospace parts. New Product Blueprinting enabled the university to: Identify, ... Read More

Introducing the Product Quest Podcast


The Product Quest Podcast follows the trek of Jonathan Edwards, Yann Wermuth and AIM’s own Scott Burleson as they explore how to improve their ability to innovate and create new products. According to Burleson, “The podcast is a vehicle for us to connect with the best out there. The best practitioners, the best academics, the ... Read More

Jim Kalbach’s “JTBD Untangled” featured Scott Burleson as Speaker for the October 2021 Session

Jim Kalbach, the author of the popular “JTBD Toolkit,” hosts a monthly jobs-to-be-done forum titled  JTBD Untangled. During the October 2021 session, Kalbach hosted Scott Burleson, author of “The Statue in the Stone,” as the featured guest. Jobs-to-be-done enthusiasts will enjoy this conversation between two leading thinkers in the field. During the session, both authors ... Read More

Dan Adams and Jim de Vries host webinar “Meet Customer Expectations – the FIRST TIME” – Nov 2, 2021


This webinar is the third in the new series of interactive webinars hosted by AIM president, Dan Adams and Jim de Vries, founder and managing partner of Enhance International Group. In this webinar, “Meet Customer Expectations – the FIRST TIME”, Dan and Jim make the case that “Do-overs” in new product development are pretty silly, ... Read More

Dan Adams and Jim de Vries host interactive webinar on deRisking execution priorities – Jun 16, 2021

Free Webinar Jun 16, 2021: deRisking Execution Priorities

This webinar is the first in a new series of webinars hosted by AIM president, Dan Adams and Jim de Vries, founder and managing partner of Enhance International Group. In this webinar, “deRisking Execution Priorities within 30-days“, Dan and Jim share powerful approaches to transform uncertainties into certainties, saving time and money. View this recorded ... Read More