AIM introduces new BlueHelp™ knowledge center to support Blueprinting practitioners.

January 9, 2020 (Cuyahoga Falls, OH) – Adopting effective customer insight skills is critical for B2B companies to achieve reliable, sustainable growth.

To help Blueprinting practitioners gain or improve these skills and keep customer insight flowing into their company, AIM has launched BlueHelp, a searchable, reference library full of B2B-optimized customer insight practices. Examples include:

  • 3 ways to segment geographic markets
  • 7 steps to building interview skills
  • 6 tools for convincing customers to be interviewed
  • 9 common interviewing beginner’s errors
  • 5 things to look for during customer tours
  • 4 practices for interviewing customers’ customers
  • 12 suggestions for web-conference interviews
  • 19 tips for interviewing in Asia
  • 10 listening roadblocks to avoid
  • 3 questions to quantify customer value
  • 3 trigger maps to generate fresh customer thinking
  • 12 tips for gathering customers’ 1-to-10 outcome ratings
  • 7 strategies for analyzing Market Satisfaction Gap data
  • 6 parts of a Market Case

Access BlueHelp: This new resource is available now to all Blueprinting practitioners through the Blueprinting Center.