Mississippi State publishes report detailing how New Product Blueprinting was used for prioritizing areas of research

The first in academia to use New Product Blueprinting, Mississippi State University Advanced Composites Institute (ACI), sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration, applied Blueprinter® software and New Product Blueprinting methodology to aid in fully understanding the benefits, shortcomings, and necessity of research of resin infused aerospace parts.

New Product Blueprinting enabled the university to:

  • Identify, qualify, and quantify problem statements in the aeropspace industry that are preventing adoption of resin infusion
  • Eliminate bias in the selection of research topics
  • Take a holistic approach to industry guided research programs
  • Examine industry satisfaction gaps that require devoted research
  • Ensure the research is relevant to the industry stakeholders and funding agencies

The full report is available at the Federal Aviation Administration William J. Hughes Technical Center’s Full-Text Technical Reports page: actlibrary.tc.faa.gov in Adobe Acrobat portable document format (PDF). 

Mississippi State University Advanced Composites Institute

The Advanced Composites Institute, or ACI, focuses on pioneering transformational composite technologies in a variety of critical sectors, including aerospace, civil, military, energy, automotive and other emerging markets. It was created at MSU with the donation of a revolutionary stitched composite process and equipment originally developed at NASA by pioneering scientist Marvin B. Dow.