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VOC skills that drive B2B sales


Preview: VOC skills that drive B2B sales Some survey questions were about listening, some about probing, and others about related VOC (voice of customer) skills. The survey also measured the selling success of respondents, both in terms of their self-assessment vs. peers, and their success against their sales quotas. Here are 11 takeaways: 1. The ... Read More

B2B Voice of Customer Skills Research Report


Preview: B2B VOC Skills This new research by The AIM Institute shows a surprisingly strong correlation between B2B VOC skills and higher new product success rates. For the first time ever, you can now see which of 12 B2B VOC skills have the greatest impact on B2B new product success. If you’re unhappy with your ... Read More

What Drives B2B Organic Growth?

Drive Organic Growth Research 3d

Preview: What Drives B2B Organic Growth Rapid, profitable, sustainable B2B organic growth is the Holy Grail of business. Achieve this and you gain shareholders’ applause, customers’ respect, and rewarding careers for your employees. But how do you achieve this? This was our key research question. We surveyed 540 B2B professionals with more than 10,000 years ... Read More

Preference Interview Research Report

Preference Research 3d

Preview: Preference Interview Research Report Because new products are the lifeblood of any company, the topic has been studied for decades. The results are not encouraging. New product failures—measured from the beginning of the development stage—average 75%. One of the most powerful ways to remedy this is with the diligent use of “Preference” quantitative customer ... Read More

Discovery Interview Research Report

qualitative Discovery Interviews

Preview: Discovery Interview Research Report Most new product failures stem from poor customer insight, and yet most companies spend only 10% of their project resources here. They rush to develop the right answers before they understand the right questions… the ones customers care about. As a result, new product failures average 75%. Discovery interviews—divergent, qualitative ... Read More