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Engage your B2B customers

B2C suppliers use customer interviews to gain insight. B2B suppliers should do this AND to build B2B customer engagement. If your B2B market has a handful of large buyers, use your interviews to impress them as the supplier they should do business with. Three practical ways to do this are explored here.

More in ebook, Reinventing VOC for B2B

Let customers surprise you

You don’t want to be surprised in most of business… overseeing production, traveling for business, building a facility. The one exception? You do want to be surprised when innovating. This is true in the lab, but also during customer interviews. See a totally different VOC method that boosts surprises.

More in research report, Discovery Interview Research Report

Concentrate on winning markets

A market segment is a “cluster of customers with similar needs.” Most B2B companies fail to focus their resources on those segments that are winnable and worth winning. They don’t follow the #1 lesson of war: “concentration of force against weakness.” Instead, they spread their forces too timidly and evenly.

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