Smarketing is not so Smart

Steering for organic growth

What is Smarketing? “Smarketing” is when marketing is only executed with a short term, sales mentality. It’s the unholy melding of sales and marketing. Why is this bad? With Smarketing, the longer term, less urgent, strategic marketing activities are pushed aside. Strategic vs. Tactical Marketing Strategic marketing sets the course and tactical marketing steers the ... Read More

How to Thrive in the “Suicide Quadrant”

How to Thrive in the Suicide Quadrant

Many companies struggle trying to enter new markets or introduce new technology. You can apply a new “de-risking” methodology to identify those "landmines” that could blow up your project. This approach not only gives teams a detailed roadmap to follow… it allows them to clearly communicate risk to management. ... Read More

Two new innovation metrics… and why you need them

Two new innovation metrics...and why you need them

For over 30 years, companies have used the Vitality Index. But this metric has shortcomings addressed by two new metrics from The AIM Institute: 1) The Growth Driver Index (GDI) measures how you are building your growth capabilities. 2) The Commercial Confidence Index (CCI) assesses your commercial risk on new product development. ... Read More

Should Your Stage-Gate® Get a No-Go?

Should Your Stage Gate Get a No Go

It’s important to recognize what a stage-and-gate process will—and will not—do for you. This research shows why it’s a mistake to count on such a process to drive growth. Given the limitations of internal focus and analytical thinking, you need more. Simply put, your stage-and-gate process is necessary, but not sufficient. ... Read More