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Virtual VOC (VVOC)

Virtual VOC Whitepaper

Preview: Virtual VOC (VVOC) Some companies dismiss web-conference voice-of-customer interviews because in-person interviews are “better.” Sure, meeting with someone in-person is indeed the gold standard: A 2-hour in-person interview is usually superior to a 2-hour virtual VOC (VVOC) interview. But what if you spent ten hours of travel for the in-person interview and zero hours ... Read More

Market Satisfaction Gaps

Market Satisfaction Gaps Whitepaper

Preview: Market Satisfaction Gaps Can one simple change drive unprecedented organic growth from your new product pipeline? This upgrade only works if you are making the same blunder as most B2B companies today…. one that future B2B innovators will surely avoid. Here’s the test to see if you “qualify” for this upgrade: Do your development-stage ... Read More

B2B Lean Startup: Expanding the Build-Measure-Learn Cycle

whitepaper lean startup image

Preview: Lean Startup for B2B Lean Startup holds many attractions for product developers. Most B2B suppliers can do even more with a critical adjustment seldom needed for consumer products. So before you begin showing customers minimum viable products, be sure to consider these variations for B2B Lean Startup. There is much to love about Lean ... Read More

Innovating in Unfamiliar Markets: How to De-risk Transformational Projects

IUM Whitepaper 3d

Preview: Innovating in Unfamiliar Markets: How to De-risk Transformational Projects Does your company pursue bold, transformational projects… or does it pursue incrementalism? Does it try to enter unfamiliar markets… or “play it safe” in the same old market segments? We know that some high-performing companies benefit greatly from transformational projects. They seem to be able ... Read More

Guessing at Customer Needs

GCN Whitepaper 3d

Preview: Guessing at Customer Needs What are the chances your product development teams understand B2B customer needs well enough to set the right new-product objectives? Picture a six-sided die with one “Yes” and five “No’s,” and you’ve got your answer. How do we know this? The AIM Institute studied 50 new product development teams from ... Read More