How to Ensure Top-Quartile Growth in a B2B Business


How do you accelerate the organic growth of a business? And can you be confident your growth will outpace most competitors? For B2B businesses today—and the foreseeable future—the answer is yes. The steps you must take are surprisingly low-cost, simple, and ignored by most. To succeed, you need a new mindset, new capabilities, and new ... Read More

Commercialize technology… in 6 foolproof steps


In 1965, DuPont scientist Stephanie Kwolek synthesized the first Kevlar polymer, an amazing fiber with five times the strength of steel. DuPont invested several hundred million dollars to commercialize the technology for tire cords, with disappointing results. It would be another decade before the company found its first major market for this material: bullet-proof vests. ... Read More

Boosting B2B Innovation… In One Easy Lesson

B2B Innovation

You can triple profit growth by engaging customers in your innovation process. Do this by “moving up” in these 6 levels of customer engagement: 1) our conference rooms, 2) asking our experts, 3) customer survey, 4) qualitative VOC interviews, 5) quantitative VOC interviews, and 6) B2B-optimized VOC interviews. ... Read More